Benefits of Tensile Fabric Structures

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Benefits of Tensile Fabric Structures


Tensile fabric structures can cover an expansive covered area. With minimum required supports, tensile fabric structures are practical as they provide large open space underneath to allow the maximum use of the covered area.

2.Flexible Design Aesthetics

Tensile fabric structures are light weight and versatile in shape and forms. They provide a unique range of dynamic and exciting three-dimensional shape options. Tensile fabric structures create a visual focus of attention and provide a dramatic impact.


Tensile fabric structures are versatile in design, making them the ideal solution for various applications.
Uses include, stunning entrance canopies, walkways, out door and indoor food courts, parking shades, large scale stadiums etc..

4.Lightweight in Nature

Tensile fabric structures are light weight compared to any other conventional roofing solutions, but extremely stronger as well
Tensile fabric structures are a quick and efficient way to cover to a large area with minimal structural disruptions.


Tensile fabric structures are available in vide variety of colures, ideal for creating aesthetically appealing canopies. Vibrant and contemporary colours enable the canopies to fit with existing surroundings or to create a statement structure.


Tensile Fabric structures are durable and designed to withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Tensile fabric structures provide protections from both sun and rain. The fabric material is UV resistant and has reflection properties, ensuring the protection form sun.

7.Beautifully Diffused Daylighting

Translucency of the Tensile fabric material allows beautifully diffused day lighting inside the structure and can be avoided artificial lights in the day time and can save energy.

8.Minimal Maintenance

Designed and engineered membrane structures need minimal maintenance like cleaning the membrane surface in an interval of certain period, checks for connection hardware’s, repainting / coating after the warrantee period of coating material.

8.Longstanding Durability & Sustainability

Tensile Fabric structures are durable better than conventional roofing solutions. Durability depends the efficiency of design, selection of materials, maintenance, environment of the structure installed etc..

There are different membranes are available offering warrantees from 10 years up to 25 years.