Tent Manufactures

Regarded as one of the most trusted tent manufacturers in Qatar, we provide various tents to meet the requirements of our clients. Our range of services include the manufacture and supply of permanent and temporary tent structures. We ensure that our tents are weather proof and can withstand harsh weather conditions

At Struqta, providing durable and affordable tent structures is our main aim. Depending on client
needs, we provide temporary and permanent tent solutions, at the same time uncompromising on the quality of our products and services

Type of Tents

1. Gazebo tents

Small tents with open sides usually used at open outdoor events.

2. Pinnacle tents

Designed with a high peak center mast supported by cross cables extending from each corner fitting, maximizing the usable space underneath.

3. Bow Shape

Usually an arch shape, these tents are used for outdoor camping events.

4. Crook tents

Smooth curved elegant and luxury tent structures for festival, events, trade shows, sports and others.

5. Neo tents

We manufactures tent and supply smooth curved elegant tent structures that can be used in festival occasion , events, trade shows, sports and others that gives rich experience.

6. Bespoke tents

Regarded as one of the leading brands when it comes to manufacture and installation of bespoke tents. Bespoke tents at Struqta are highly customizable and are designed according to client specifications and quality standards.

7. Dome tents

Smooth curved elegant tent structures for festival, events, trade shows, sports and others.

With an aluminium framework, these swirl tents are ideal for large structures.

Used for camping purpose, used mainly by Hotels, Resorts, Event organizers. Convinent and simple to set up.

10. BI Level Tents

BI level tents offer a unique camping experience with two levels of space. They provide extra sleeping areas or storage compartments, making them ideal for larger groups or families. With improved privacy and ventilation, these tents maximize vertical space while ensuring comfort and convenience. Perfect for adventurous camping trips.

11. Majlis tents

Our Arabic tents and majlis are designed
keeping in mind the rich Arabian culture
and heritage.