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If you are looking for a reliable option to keep your guests safe during outdoor events, why not rent out one of our high-quality tents? Struqta Middle East rentals has everything from small backyard parties all the way up big festival installations. No matter what size gig or how many people will be attending there’s bound to be an ideal fit with them!

Type of Tent Rental

1. Event tents

Event tent rentals are a popular option for outdoor events such as weddings, festivals, corporate events, and parties. The tent can provide shelter from the elements and create a defined space for the event.

2. Ramadan tents

Ramadan tents are temporary structures that are set up during the month of Ramadan to provide a place for Muslims to gather and break their fast. They are typically large and spacious, allowing for a large number of people to sit and eat together. Ramadan tents are commonly found in mosques, community centers, and other public spaces, and are used to promote a sense of community and social gathering during the holy month.

3. Exhibition tents

Exhibition tents are a popular choice for outdoor trade shows, exhibitions, and events. They provide a spacious and versatile area for exhibitors to showcase their products and services, as well as a convenient shelter from the elements.

4. Party tents

Party tents are temporary structures that provide shelter and a defined space for outdoor events such as parties, weddings, and celebrations. They are a popular choice for creating an attractive and functional event space, regardless of weather conditions.