Once a functional and feasible design concept has been developed, engineering of the tension fabric structure can begin. TECHNOSPAN engineering services include everything required to certify our tensile structures with permitting authorities for stress, wind, snow and/or seismic activities.


These services include

Structural Design Calculation determine reaction forces of the structure under simulated loads such as the wind, gravity, and pretension of fabric and cables.

Engineering calculations to ensure the structure is suitable for the loads in your city or region, whether it’s 145 Kmh West coat of India, 210 Kmh Cyclone or hurricanes winds in eastern cost of India or similar in any parts our business regions in overseas.

Support Reaction forces to check the stability of buildings Or to design suitable foundations as per the load bearing capacity of the area where the structure id going to install.

Optimization of frame structure member sizing and anchoring.

Precise fabric patterning of the tension structure membranes to ensure a tight and wrinkle free fit.

Engineering drawings and calculations suitable for local permitting authorities.

Detailed and approved shop drawings and work shop drawing for manufacturing.

As build drawings after the execution of the work.

Maintenance manual for period maintenance for the long lasting and durability of the structures.